Boris T. Fedosov

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    Boris Trofimovich Fedosov was born in 1950, in Kaliningrad city, Kaliningrad region, Russia.
    In 1954 has arrived to the Kustanay region (Kazakchstan) with the parents on a virgin soil.
    Has finished a rate training in 10 classes physmathscool (PhMS) in Novosibirsk Academtown in 1967.
    Has finished Novosibirsk electrotechnical institute (NETI) in 1973, radio-engineer.
    After 1973 works in Rudniy town (Kazakchstan) in Rudniy Industrial Institute (RII): senior laborant of faculty electrification and automation of mountain works; since 1974 - assistant, senior lecturer, docent, manager (1982 - 1985) faculty highest geodesy RII.
    1980 - has defended a candidate thesis in the Moscow institute of the engineers of a geodesy, air photography and cartography (MIIGAaC). A subject of a thesis: "Development and research optical (laser) range meter with active response".
    1981 - 1991 - Boris T. Fedosov is chairman of Rudny branch of All-Union Astronomy - Geodetic Society at Academy of Sciences of USSR. .
    1985 - 1990 - manager faculty of electrical engineering RII, docent.
    1991 - docent (senior lecturer) of faculty of automation of technological processes and production (ATPP).
    Proceedings and inventions - 45. The basic activities in areas: distance meter engineering, optical very long base interferometry (VLBI), methodical work. Publications in the Internet
    Read rates: radiogeodesies; automation of precision geodetic measurements; electrical engineering; the theories of automatic control; the telemechanics; programming and computer facilities etc.

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111500 Kazakhstan,
Kostanay reg., Rudniy town,
50 Let Oktiabria, 38
Rudniy Industrial Institute
Faculty of automation of technological processes and production (ATPP)
tel. (8-31431) 5-04-01 (add.131)
or 5-02-80 (add.131)


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